DADDIES AND UNCLES AND MORE, OH MY! is the only picture book on the market that focuses on the relationship between a child and male figures, not just their biological father. The book addresses an important and unique theme. It highlights how family structures all over the world have changed over time, and it shows how Black men become father figures and role models through different pathways. By highlighting diverse male characters, the book provides an experience that every child can relate to. It reassures young children that Black male models play an important role in raising happy, healthy children, despite being faced with systemic barriers. In this book, our young narrator, Lili, enjoys receiving love, guidance, and support from the wonderful men who help her learn and grow. Swinging, dancing, and jumping in the air, Lili shows appreciation to the men who truly care! Every child from birth to age ten can benefit from this book.

There are lots of misconceptions and incorrect assumptions about Black fathers, and these can lead to unfair treatment and discrimination. Exposing young children to a message that Black fathers and male role models are loving, caring, engaged, involved, and competent can make a difference in reducing negative biases. In the early years, when children witness strong and positive affirmations about their uncles, grandfathers, and fathers, they feel a sense of belonging. They feel safe, and they develop confidence about their heritage and themselves.


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