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Sand Castle Books was established in March 2021, and is on a mission to create access to early literacy opportunities for young children. Specifically, aiming to create books that represent children of color because there is a huge disparity in representation. I believe that it is important to increase children’s awareness and acceptance of diversity at an early age. Family structures today are varied, and it is important that children have access to stories that are relatable.
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Daddies and Uncles and More, Oh My!

is the only picture book on the market that focuses on the relationship between a child and male figures, not just their biological father. The book addresses an important and unique theme. It highlights how family structures all over the world have changed over time...

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Meet The Author!

Kashama Leo-Henry is a full-time mom, an early childhood educator, an advocate, and an author. She is originally from the beautiful Caribbean island Saint Lucia….

What People Say

“The book is well written and well illustrated. The length is adequate for young children and will maintain their attention. Children love rhymes; thus, the rhythm of the content is awesome. Great job to the author.”

Dr. Debra Parker

“I purchased this book right off my 7yr old daughter’s kindle, I got the opportunity beforehand to read to both my kids. An 8-month-old boy included, being in the childcare profession and having read 100s of books I can confidently say, this one is kids and adult approved! Get you a copy ASAP as a small appreciation to all the wonderful “Daddies, Uncles and more”.. in your lives…”Oh my”! she did that, well worded,rhymes,short but definitely sweet. In my eyes this is a dedication from a black queen to all the black kings that show devotion on the daily no matter the obstacle! Love it…OWN YOURS TODAY.”

Ferchin Mathurin

“Great read! The author is a leading early childhood expert!”

Melissa Mishoe